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Group email

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Group email

I would like to email a Group, however I do not want the email that is sent, have the addresses of those emailed be visible.  Any advise on how to achieve that goal?





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Re: Group email

Add yourself to the To address and the group to the BCC.


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Re: Group email

Or write email as mail merge, so you'll send 1 e-mail by contact.

Xavier Nyssen

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Re: Group email

Please explain your process a bit more with details. I want to have BCC as default for all my groups, instead of TO. How can that be changed from the TO default?

Does anyone have a complete step by step procedure for making the email default BCC to blind cover all email recipients?

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Re: Group email

There isn't a way to set the default to BCC, it would be done at the time of the email - manually updating the BCC field.

The best solution is to use the 'Mail Merge' process. It will personalize the email by sending each recipient their own email (as the 'To'). And the recipients will not be able to see that any other contacts received the same email.
Greg Martin