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Group Reports

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Group Reports

In our old ACT we were unable to include subgroups in reports, now in our new ACT 2008 I seem unable to exclude subgroups.

I need to be able to do a group report that only has primary groups and exclude all subgroups.  We use groups as a project tracker and only primary groups are active jobs, all subgroups are either sold and completed or lost jobs.

Any suggestions? I used to print out a report I designed once a week for our project and sales update meetings.  We haven't had the report for our meetings since we installed our new ACT program. The entire report capabilities in ACT 2008 is very sensitive and quirky.  Every report I have tried to develop has crashed.  I get so far into the process and it locks up and gives me some bizarre message and all work is lost.  I've basically given up on report development at this point in time.


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Re: Group Reports

The way to restrict the group report to specific groups of subgroups is to do a lookup of the groups you want to include and then run the report for the current group lookup.


The report generator with the newer versions of ACT! (ACT! 2005 and later) has significantly more capabilities than the one used with ACT! 6 and before. However along with the increased capabilities came a significantly steeper learning curve. If you only need a couple of custom reports, you may want to have the report templates created for you rather than learning the report editor yourself. I sell an addon package of report templates and also do custom report templates.

Roy Laudenslager
ACT! Certified Consultant