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Group Reports

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Group Reports



I am new to ACT, and I am trying to create a Group Report that includes:
-Contact Name

-Misc Contact Info


and I want to query the report based on when the contact was created (ie pull up all contacts within a Group that was created last week) (this is the part that I am struggling with). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Group Reports

It sounds like you need a contact based report and use a query to create a lookup of the contacts that you want to include in the report.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Group Reports

How do you do perform a query on a report?
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Re: Group Reports

You might need to be more specific about the actual output that you want to create, but you could follow this process:

  1. Assuming the group is not dynamic (i.e. you have added members manually), highlight the group name (in the Group screen). Right-click then select 'create lookup'. This will give you a lookup of all Contacts within the selected Group in the 'Contact List' view.
  2. Perform a second stage Lookup (if using ACT! 2010, click the Lookup button, or select the Lookup menu and then 'Other Fields); locate the 'create date' field and set the search parameters to suit (for example, create date > is within the last (days) > 7). Click to show 'more options' in the Lookup dialog box and then change the drop down from 'Replace Lookup' to 'Narrow Lookup'. Click OK.
  3. The result will be a Lookup in the Contact List view containing all Contacts who are members of the selected Group that were added to your database within the last 7 days.
  4. Select whichever Contact report you desire and filter on 'current Lookup'


Hope this might help.

Will Ingleby
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