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Google calendar integration

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Google calendar integration

I have been using ACT! since version 4. I started having some issues with ACT v12 Pro and was about ready to part ways with the program. Upon some investigation and some "help" from customer support I was convinced to stay with ACT!, upgrade to version 16 and life would be much easier since I use an Android phone and I could integrate with Google for contacts and calendar sync's. With much skepticism on April 18, 2014 I paid my $215 (upgrade) fee and quickly found the effort and cost worth it. Being able to reduce duplication and entry error was nice.


Fast forward to November 17, 2014, Google makes a change in Calendar API settings, that was announced, and we lost the ability to Google Calendar Sync. I realize SwiftPage did NOT cause the problem but I have been told by support people it will be fixed shortly. I’m not sure what shortly means to ACT Support Personnel? In 6 days it will now be 3 months since this occurred. I knew about the API changes that were coming months before it happened and I'm a General Contractor, not a programmer, not someone who has a sync relationship with Google, I feel like SwiftPage just does not care If you look at some other database software developers that have had to deal with the same thing, they have it coded, implemented and have happy customers. Perhaps there are too few of us using the feature (Google Calendar Sync) and you just don’t care.


I don’t want to spend additional money and time on a supplemental program such as Companion Link when I feel SwiftPage should fix it. I also have read mixed reviews on most of these Add On programs.


Can anyone in the “know” give us an idea of when this issue will be resolved? And if it will not be resolved can we please be made aware so we can make an informed decision and move on.


BTW You need to be aware – I phoned in to your sales team, spoke to someone trying to upgrade me from Pro v16 to Pro v17 by telling me if I did upgrade it would fix the sync problem – WRONG



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Re: Google calendar integration

There was supposed to be a hotfix out on Monday that would fix this issue for Act! v16.  I don't know why it hasn't been posted but the fix is emminent.  The issue will be fixed in Act! v17 Service Pack 1 which should be out on 2/26 if I remember correctly.


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Re: Google calendar integration

Thanks Stan,
I surely hope you're right.