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Google Sync and Companies

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Google Sync and Companies

If this has been answered, my apologies, but I looked feverishly for an answer in the threads and could not find it.


I am using Act v18.2 and have been an Act user for many years. Recently, I noticed that my Companies are not syncing to my Google account. The sub-listing (contacts within a company) are sent to my Google sync, but not the Company itself.  


I realize now that Act has NEVER synced the Companies to Google and I am asking if that is by design or if I have made a mistake somewhere.


Could someone help me clear this up?


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Re: Google Sync and Companies

Hi jfgarnant,


With the sync between Act! and Google there is not an option to sync companies, while they should be included in the contacts sync (like their phone number  and email address) they would not get their own section with Google