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Google Integration registration fail

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Re: Google Integration registration fail

im on version 17.1.169  and its not working,,,,, baa

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Re: Google Integration registration fail


I have the latest version of Act 16 Pro (version  I sill cannot get Act to integrate with Google.  When attempting to register I get an error in script screen and indicates I have to use another integration program (requires OAUTH 2.0), but that web page comes up with error also and I cannot install or register.  The scripts all fail.  I have recently installed Win 10.  I also use Outlook (Office 356 - Outlook 16), but that doesn't integrate properly so I want to integrate Google directly to my accounts.   

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Re: Google Integration registration fail

I'm running Act! Pro Version and just tried to set up google integration.  At the point where I clicked on the register button to give ACT! permission to access Goggle I got this error message as attached.  Any idea out there what that could be about?



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Re: Google Integration registration fail

@cnegrete Are you running Act v16.3 on Windows 10? Unfortunately this is not supported. 

Full compatibility listings can be found in the following Knowledgebase article:


@MalSproull This issue is resolved in Act v16.3. If you are running the US version of Act, you can download the latest updates available here: