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Google Forms

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Google Forms

I would like to take information from Google forms and write it back into Act! (Act! Premium Version 20)

Google forms can delivery results as a spread sheet of email and responses.

What is the simplest way to write the responses back into Act!?

If the response was the contact declaring, for example, their Post Code, I could manually look up the email address and then cut and paste the Post Code over the existing Post Code if I have one.  I I think I could export all the Post Codes into Excel, write macro in Excel to overwrite the existing Post Code if there is a new one, and then import the revised Post Codes back into Act!.  But is there a simpler way?



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Re: Google Forms

Hello...  It would be better if the CRM solution has the Customer Portal that allows each client to update their information directly (as the Bank Customer Portal for example)


... anyhow, Act! has developed a technology that allows it (With third-party solutions) to place information of the forms in the database Act! ... I have tried it but to create new leads. (I have not tried it to edit information)


Act! Web API -  This IIS application runs on your Act! Premium (access via web) (Better if you acquire Act! Premium Cloud). server and allows you to seamlessly and easily connect and integrate your Act! Premium Contacts, Groups, and Activities with additional services as part of a Premium Subscription. It provides Do-It-Yourself integrations and automation across the business, as well as effective and flexible custom development capabilities.


The following links may be of your interest...


Improve Productivity with the new Act! WEB API... CLICK HERE


Connect your Act! database and Automate Workflow... CLICK HERE



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Re: Google Forms

The Zapier API seems to be in the right area.

I looked at the demo of the enquiry form (e.g. embedded in a web site,  creating a record in Act! which created a new record (I think).

I want to email existing contacts and then to take their replies to update a field (or fields) in their records.

Do you have a demo of something like this?





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Re: Google Forms

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Nowdays you have some options as you can see. 

When you say 'the simplest way' it depends on; do you want simplicity to set up the solution or simplicity in actually using the solution as a daily workflow practice. Often simplest/cheapest to setup is either time consuming to get right or the person who might have to use it daily doesn't have the best experience in working with the process. If this is a process that does not have to be performed frequently and you don't have to explain to others how to do it etc, simplest/cheapest can be just fine. However if volume of daily updates and/or the duplicate checking for records that might already exist is important, - those processes don't fit well with simplest/cheap. So that is the first decision, secondly depending on the version of Act! you have (Pro or Premium) will determine the options you have. For instance Act! Pro does not have an API so Zapier is ruled out. If you have Premium then you have access to the Act! API for version Premium 18.0 or better. If you are to use the Act! API the easiest setup is through Act! Premium for Web so you are best to have that installed if not already in place. 


Alternatively avoid the API and you can run with a 3rd party solution like our Smart Forms for Act! which uses Wufoo forms (including the free version) and you get a control panel to manage the process. A mini-toolbar in Act! itself where you are alerted visually to inbound form completion and importantly it will handle duplicate checking and editing of existing forms which it seems will be appropriate for your need to update fields from the enquiry form completed by your customers. (It's easy to have a new form entry create a new record in Act!, it's another thing entirely to avoid duplicates from that customer's returning to update the record on a second visit).


I suggest that you check out Smart Forms on our website and you can run a 14 day free trial to see if it works for you.It doesn't require a web API and it doesn't require Zapier - Try it out at


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