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Goldmine to Act! conversion -- database access

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Goldmine to Act! conversion -- database access

I will be using MigrateAdmin very shortly to convert my Goldmine 6.5 to Act2010.  I am very impressed with MigrateAdmin's capabilities.  After a little fiddling to accomodate some of my custom fields, I am anticipating a smooth conversion, hopefully this upcoming weekend. 


My husband, a very experienced programmer and database conversion expert himself, has offered to help with the part that remains.  I have some detail records, like birthday, that I don't see coming across in MA.  Additionally, I want to figure out a solution to link all my old referred clients with their referral sources, and vice versa, through the relationships tab. 


From searching this forum, it seems that a) this is not supported or encouraged, but b) if you know how, it's very doable.  He was planning on using SQL Studio Manager, but it sounds as though more is needed.  Any advice?