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Gmail setup & integration

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Gmail setup & integration

I have been using various versions of Act since mid 90’s. Earlier this year I installed Act 2012 because if its ability to integrate with gmail. After initial install, it worked perfectly, any contact I put into Act, synced with gmail and then showed up on my android device and also visa versa. At that time, my desktop was a 32bit system with XP OS. Recently, my motherboard failed, so now I have a 64bit system with W7. My outside computer tech company reinstalled 2012 and the update. Now it will not integrate with gmail (or outlook) and it is not giving me the google setup in the communication dialog to enable me to set up port numbers. In my past experiences with this program, I know it is very tempermental, and I don’t want to make things worse by trial and error attempts to fix this. Does anyone have a solid suggestion? I appreciate any help. Thank you. Ed

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Re: Gmail setup & integration

Hello Eddbee,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


If I understand your comments correctly, there may be some misunderstanding about the Gmail integration.  While Sage ACT! 2012 does have features to synchronize contacts, calendar, and record Gmail emails as history, it does not have the function of setting it up as an email client.  With Sage ACT! E-mail, there are no options for setting up ports (which prevents it from communicating with Gmail).  You will need to set up Outlook to access your Gmail account (can customize ports) and then integrate Sage ACT! with Outlook. 


If Outlook is not showing as an option in the Email setup options (under Tools > Preferences > Email & Outlook Sync), it may be that the 64-bit version of Office was installed.  If so, it will need to be uninstalled and the 32-bit installed.  Then uninstall Sage ACT! and reinstall, so that it can create its add-ons within Outlook.

Greg Martin