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Gmail and Sync issue

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Gmail and Sync issue

How do I get the calendar, when synching, to move from the data from the satelite machine to the main hosting machine.


It isn't as simple as synching because -


I set up gmail integration a few months ago, but did not use it.  However, once set up, Act continued to integrate with google.

Earlier this week I noticed three invites to a meeting had been sent by gmail, but they were really notes to myself, and no invitation was to be sent.  Gmail did it anyway. 


So I signed into google.  Erased all the calendar activities (to prevent future mail to be sent) that had been uploaded automatically.  And then went into Google preferences and turned of integration. 


Act seeing the calendar items were erased on google ERASED THEM FROM THE ACT DATABASE!!


I sync with two satellite machine (laptop and office). Both have the calendars intact. 


How to I resync the calendars?  HOw do I get the calendars from the satellite machine onto the main hosting machine?