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Global Tab and mapping fields to excel

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Global Tab and mapping fields to excel

Hello all,


I am trying to create a price list on a tab that I can use as merge fields. The question is how do I get the fields populated across all contacts? I created a Price List tab, spent all the time creating the 150 fields and laying them out to realize that the data will only populate on the contact tab the I was working on (My Record). How do I have those fields populated on every contact so that:


1. when I'm on the phone with a contact, I can click the tab and quote info

2. when I mail merge, the data is pulled for every contact mailed

3. when I update pricing info, I only do it once for all contacts (or see below)?


The corporate office sends out an excel spreadsheet every month with updated pricing. How can I get these act field mapped to the excel spreadsheet such that Act pulls the data from excel to populate the Act fields?


I know how to "Map to Excel" and have excel fields populated with Act data. How do I get the reverse?


Thanks for all your help.

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Re: Global Tab and mapping fields to excel

Save the spreadsheet as a CSV and import it into ACT!.  Follow the KB article below.


How to Import Contact Data From a Text Delimited File (*.TXT or *.CSV) into an ACT! Database