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Getting stuck in Remote Database Creation process

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Getting stuck in Remote Database Creation process

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Hey guys,


I'm trying to set up a remote database for a synchronization process.  I was using this as a guide: (sorry for long url)


How To Set Up Application Synchronization in ACT!

I'm getting stuck here:


  1. Click Back to make any changes that you would like or Finish to create the Remote database (.RDB) file. A Progress indicator appears as the Remote database is created.
  2. Once the Remote database is created, the following ACT! dialog box appears:

The "Building a Remote Database" bar appears and loads and loads and loads forever.  It gets near the end "Packaging remote database for OldDominion" but never actually completes.  It's been loading for about 30 minutes.  Is it normal to take this long? 



Second Question! 


Okay, I canceled the above loading process, and tried again, but I got an error message saying remote database OldDominion has already been created.  So instead I tried to create a remote database named OldDominion2.  And then it loads and loads and loads in the same place I get stuck.  However, in the process of creating this message an error message popped up saying "Remote Database OldDominion [the first database I was trying to create] could not be created.  Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Contact the administrator blah blah blah."   So I don't know what that means, and it was weird that it referred to the first database even though I was in the middle of trying to load the 2nd one. 


I dont get it!



<Content link: fixed link>

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Re: Getting stuck in Remote Database Creation process

How large is the database?  What is the total file size of your database files folder?


Since the remote database was partially created, you will need to delete the remote from Manage Database in Synchronization Panel.