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Getting error during scheduled backup ACT! v.11

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Getting error during scheduled backup ACT! v.11



I have the ACT! scheduler running to backup my databases nightly to a NAS device with a retention policy of 5 days.  I use 3 NAS devices that I swap every week, essentially giving a 3 week retention policy.  What I am experiencing is that once the first drive has been recycled, the ACT! scheduler doesn't seem to like the fact that the older backups aren't from the previous days, so it seems to error out upon deleting the older backups.  The new backups do seem to get written (I have not verified their integrity yet), but I get this error message in the logs:

Failed to log into the database. Failed to compare two elements in the array during scheduled backup.


Has anybody experienced this issue before?  As a workaround, I could have the backups sent to another location that is backed up nightly, so that the old backups are always in order, but if that drive were to go down, then my ACT! backups would not be executed correctly.  Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.