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Getting Contact Notes into a Contact Report

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Getting Contact Notes into a Contact Report

I am using ACT! 2008 (10.0). Using the default contact report, I would like to add the notes associated with each contact. When I simply added the notes field I got no results. The label was there but no field data. I then added a subreport and made sure everything in the main report and the subreport was visible. When I run this report, I only get a blank page. I see no data for my contacts at all. I know this must be a simple thing but I can't figure it out. Can anyone help me, please?
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Re: Getting Contact Notes into a Contact Report



Take a look at your report filters.  In design mode your setting the defaults for when you run the report.   Make sure your not filtering out your data, which would cause the information to look like its missing.


The second thing you can look at is the association of the sub report to the contact report.  You should be using the contactID to link the notes to the contact record. 


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