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GetCriteriaColumn return null for Picture Field

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GetCriteriaColumn return null for Picture Field

Hi Guys,


I would like to check when Contacts doesn't have a Picture .


I make a Lookup in the Contact Table using the following c# code and get a null reference in getting the CriteriaColumn:


ContactFieldDescriptor ImageField = MyFunctionToGetTheDescriptor("Picture");


CriteriaColumn cc =  _ActFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn(ImageField );

Criteria c = new Criteria(LogicalOperator.And, 0, 0, cc, OperatorEnum.ContainsData, ValueEnum.Nothing);


c.Validate(); Fail with a Column NULL.


ImageField is a valid ContactFieldDescriptor as show the following VS Spy...


Any Idea ?

Thanks in Advance





Nickel Contributor
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Re: GetCriteriaColumn return null for Picture Field

[ Edited ]

Your field is stored in a spill-over table (CUST_ContactsTableau1_120215) and not in the main TBL_CONTACT table.

CriteriaColumn doesn't work with spill-over tables. Long-time known bug.

Gilles Cavin
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