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Generating emails from ACT! 2009 no longer creates a history

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Generating emails from ACT! 2009 no longer creates a history

It was creating histories when the program was first installed about 2 months ago but stopped about 2 weeks ago.  I can't figure out why. Ran database maintenance to be sure it wasn't a glitch. I've been an ACT user for years and I admit that all the changes they made to the pull-down menus and options windows really has me feeling a bit lost .... I can't find an option anywhere that seems to administer whether or not a history is recorded en masse for any email sent.  Not sure what changed.  Help!
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Re: Generating emails from ACT! 2009 no longer creates a history

A couple of things to look at:


1) The global settings you are referring to can be found in two locations:

   a) Help | Setup Assistant...

   b) Tolls | Preferences > E-mail > Email System Setup


Both of these will bring up Wizards.  If you have an email system setup, there should be a page named Email - Record History.  This is the default configuraiton of wether or not to create a hisotry when you send an email.


When you create an email, you can manually override this setting.

In ACT! Email in the upper right corner of the email to the right of the Subject is a dropdown list of options.

In Outlook 2007, there is an Add-ins tab with drop downs

In Outlook XP and 2003 there is a toolbar with drop downs.


If you are using Outlook, histories are not created directly, but are instead saved for processing.


Ensure that the program %ProgramFiles\Act\Act for Windows\Act.Outlook.Service.exe is running.  (It should always run on startup.)


If it is running, then you may see an icon in your task bar of an envelope with a red X on it.  This icon indicates that histories for your emails are not being processed.  Double click on it, and a dialog will appear allowing you to see which histories were recorded, and which ones were not.  For the ones that were not recorded, an explination of why is provided, and you have some options on what to do (create a contact, try again, forget it and delete the email, etc.).


If this program is not running, simply run it.


A short time after you run it, you should see an envelope with a green arrow on it.  This indicates that the program is recording histories for your emails.


To manually see if emails are being queued, you should look for the folder:


Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\Users\<User Name>\AppData\ACT\Act 11\History Queue\


C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\ACT\Act 11\History Queue\


In that folder, you should see the sent emails whose histories are pending being processed.  Again, you must be sure that the Act.Outlook.Service.exe program is running for these files to be processed.