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General Setup and Layout Question

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General Setup and Layout Question

I am setting up ACT! to use for my real estate business and wondered if anybody could provide me with a little guidance on how I should initially set up my database.  I like to know property information, as well as the owner/contacts information so the way I planned on setting up my database was have a different contact for every property, so if a person owned multiple properties, they would be in the database multiple times (once for each property). I planned on using custom fields for all the property information (year built, square footage, etc.)


Is there a better way to do this? Perhaps only have the one contact and somehow have them be associated with whichever properties they own?  I appreciate any feedback.


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Re: General Setup and Layout Question

Hi bemri.


This kind of question comes up frequently -- how to relate one person to other people or companies.


For each property, you might consider creating a contact with the property name for the company name and "Company.Name UI" for the contact, where UI stands for Useful Information. 


See if tht helps.

John Purdy
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Re: General Setup and Layout Question

Thank you for responding as I am at a bit of a stand still. I'm trying to figure this out before I import my data, just in case. However, I didnt follow your suggestion. Would you mind providing me with more detail as to what you are referring to, perhaps an example? Is UI something in ACT!? Much appreciated.

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Re: General Setup and Layout Question

You might wish to look at TopLine Designer, which allows you to add sub-entities to Act! (among other things).  I believe that there are industry templates with that product which may be applicable to you.


I have been working with the Trial for this product and it seems to do a really nice job of enabling add-on functionality to Act! in the form of sub-entities for Contacts and Companies.



Mark Rogers
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