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General Questions on Integration/Mobile/QB Solutions

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General Questions on Integration/Mobile/QB Solutions

Hi there,

I am currently using ACT Pro2012 and find it very useful primarily to manage contacts, clients, leads, search/filter by various fields, and do mail merges.  I have been using Outlook and Quickbooks Premier for about 10 years and starting to think of switching to Peachtree. From what I can tell it seems to be a step up from QB without being a custom solution that is out of my budget.


I am also anticipating having 2 remote employees and now I am looking at the total solution. It seems there are many options and I want to do it right and get the best suite of products for my company.  I have spoken to a few local consultants in the past and they all were either not interested or did not respond to emails and phone calls so i am seeking advice on how to proceed.


I am consdering Outlook/Act integration, ACT/Peachtree integration, switching from QB to Peachtree, web/cloud-based or remote hosting solution, and mobile access on phone.tablet.


There are many mmore questoins I have, is anyone an expert that can guide me?

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Re: General Questions on Integration/Mobile/QB Solutions

Don't use the Outlook sync to get data to mobile phones or tablets ... it WILL cause data issues.