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Frustrating Sync Failures--System out of memory error

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Frustrating Sync Failures--System out of memory error

I have the following:


Windows XP Desktop install with Publisher DB, Subs on XP laptops/tablets

ACT v. HF4...that is 2012Pro SP1 HF4

The Publisher Sync enabled/role is True and Publisher, the subscribers are true/sub

The subscribers are on the same version, and connected on a network.  We use application sync.

Databases have been working fine, and stopped syncing in July (July 31)


All subscribers get to the point of syncing records and updates, and fail, with the message in the sync now dialog box "Syncronizaton Failed."  A pop up says Synchronization has failed, Server Error Description: Synchronization failed due to an out of memory error on the server. Exception of type 'System.Outofmemoryexception' was thrown.  Contact your administrator for assistance. 

The only choice is OK.


One subscriber and the publisher are integrated with Outlook 2010, with the selection to store message and item headers but not attachments.  The subscriber I have been testing with has no integration.   I went in and removed unattached mail.


I looked at the Sync preview report on the pub and pending items are very low (unlike the examples in the kb article.)  20 or 30 rather than thousands of items in a category....seemingly few files and attachments.


I have purged all the temp files in %temp%.


I have reduced transfer size down to 24000 (as in kb on the error)


I have checked the database backup folders for lingering content.


I have freed up act! memory, by shutting down DB's and stopping/starting SQL, setting ACT memory release to a fxed time


I have checked/repaired/reindexed both the Pub and sub.


I have tried rebuilding sync objects.


It does not seem to matter when I try to sync, any time day or night, the problem is the same. 



Any thoughts?



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Re: Frustrating Sync Failures--System out of memory error

Other ideas:
If you haven't already, try rebooting the host machine - to free up as many system resources as possible.

Have you run the sync reports on the subscribers? To get an idea of how many changes they are trying to push?

If you create a new remote and restore it on a workstation, can it sync successfully?

Check your attachments folder for recently added items (as of problem date) and look for an extremely large one. If you find one (or more) remove it and attempt to sync. If successful, readd the file and attempt sync.
Greg Martin
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Re: Frustrating Sync Failures--System out of memory error

Greg et al---thanks for the thoughts on this....


I actually did all of the above, including a few other things.


I made the ACT! SQL Minimum memore 1GB, rather than 0


All of the sync reports were relatively insignificant.


New Remotes synced fine.  I was preparing to divide my db into sync sets and try it by groups to see what would happen, but didn't end up having to do it. 


Attachments folder is pretty much empty.  We use Scan and organize, so most items are in file structures, and we have very few attachments.  Our Outlook emails are header and message only.


There were no large files.  We seemed to break up on records, rather than files.(particularly a certain unidentifiable record "2")


If you have any input on this, it would be valuable to have a far better identification system to figure out where trouble lies, so a sync might identify the actual contact record, or something similar to let you know where you might find the problem.....


At any rate, I did solve this, by reducing the  file buffer size to 500  (in ACTSAGE.exe.config)and the data list buffer size to 1.  To make it work the first time, I set Syncfiledata to "false" and then when it worked once, I set that back to "true". 


This seems to be a problematic solution, but it did work.  I am going to have my consultant look over the DB, but clearly there is something about this that doesn't seem right. 


thanks for your help.  Any other thoughts would be appreciated.