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Frequently siezes or changes records while entering data

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Frequently siezes or changes records while entering data

Hi All,


We're using Pro 2011 Version 13.0.401.0 and have constant problems with the program locking up.  It stays locked and unresponsive, although Task Manager does NOT report that it is "not responding".  The only remedy is to kill it in Task Manager (We're using Windows 7 Pro, with the database held on a Windows Server 2003 unit -- all Dells.) and retart the program.


This happens five or six times per day.


Also, while in the middle of typing data into a scheduling record, the program changes to a different contact that the scheduling item is applied to.  Then the scheduling item is made for a completely wrong contact.  This cause some serious trouble if we don't happen to notice that the switcheroo occured.


There are also some problems with "display refreshing" -- frequently after restarts only part of the screen appears.  Missing sections are in horizontal lines/swaths.


Does this sound like trouble in communication with the server?  or and incompatible keyboard?  But, the keyboard is very plain with no frills, and the server is not overtaxed at all.  There are just two or three of us in a very small office ethernet network.  And, only one of us is ever using ACT! at any time.

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Re: Frequently siezes or changes records while entering data

Hello Blothrop,

Welcome to the Sage Act! Community!


The first step is to test this behavior on the computer that is hosting your database.  Does it still have these issues?  If not, then the issue could be the network connection.


If it also exhibits these traits, there is something local to the host machine causing the issue.  The freezing of the program may be due to an anti-virus software monitoring ACT! and SQL.  Visit the following article for instructions for adding exceptions: KB Article 25125

Greg Martin