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Formatting Opportunity Quantity on a Report

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Formatting Opportunity Quantity on a Report

I wanted the opportunity quantity to show up on an Opportunity by Status report and got it to do that and created a summary field as well to total them and put them at the top of the report along with the other totals.


I know you are supposed to be able to right click the field and based on the typr of field (text, number, currency, et. al) you have choices about how the field will display.  Apparently the Quantity field in Opportunities is a Currency Field. Not sure I understand that as it multiplies times $ amounts in an opporunity to CREATE a currency amount but is clearly a number...not a currency. So...can't get it to display with commas as described below.


Number Fields:
A Number field can be displayed with the following options:

  • G = General - (Default setting) This setting will display the entry 1250 as 1250.
  • N = Number - This setting will display 1250 as 1,250.00

    Note: The G setting is recommend for all Number value files in your reports.


Any ideas here?  I had this in another report as well and though that one is a number field can't get it to display as I wish.

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Re: Formatting Opportunity Quantity on a Report

You can also use a custom field to display the database field data and use a VB Format statement for other formatting options. What you refer to are the built in format options which are easy to use but the format statement allows more formatting options.
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