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Find/Replace within ACT! database?

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Find/Replace within ACT! database?

Hey all!


New to the program and new to the forum, but love it so far!


I'm working with a start up and we just got ACT! as our crm.


I have quickly gotten used to the system, but i'd like to learn to do a find/replace within the database (without exporting to excel then re-importing)


so say I do a campaign and I have a sub group 1 and sub group 2.... I have a field called 'status' and it says 'NOT EMAILED' if after I send the email I want it to say Email 1 ... then if i follow up again it says Email 2 .... anyone have any advice?


 Also any advice on where I should look for some basic campaign management help in general? A tutorial?


Thanks so much :-)


Look forward to your reponses!

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Re: Find/Replace within ACT! database?

Hello brendan,


Once you have done the campaign for what ever group, make sure that the group is still active.  Go to the groups icon and right click on the group you want.  Then choose "create lookup".


After that, go to | Edit | Replace Field | and complete the dialogue box.  You will choose ID/Status (if that is where you are keeping it) and enter the status.


I'm not sure the ID/Status field is the one you want to use, though.  On a simple level, I would use one of the user defined fields to keep up with the campaigns.  Make sure the "Generate History" box is chedked.  You get there via | Tools | Define Fields | and then find the field name and check the box.


This way, at least, you will be able to look back and see which campaigns you sent to that contact.


As far as campaign management help, the board is visited by a number of recommended ACT consultants who would be very qualified to help you in this area.  I am not a consultant, but I have received simple help from the board and have read of others who have good experiences.  Remember, for almost anything you need, you do not need to have the consultant local.


Hope that helps.

John Purdy
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