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Filter Tasks by State

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Filter Tasks by State

We use ACT 2008 and I'm wondering if there's a way to filter my tasks by state?


I'm on the east coast and don't want to call someone who's on the west coast at 9 am so it would be very helpful if there were a way to sort by state.


Unfortunately, the available columns don't include State.


Any ideas?

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Re: Filter Tasks by State

The best choice would be by phone number.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Filter Tasks by State

Go to your task list, right click and create lookup.


THis makes a contact list of all your contacts that have tasks for the current day.


Sort this list by state.


Go to the contact view and go record by record this will give you the contacts with activities in the order you need.


Not exactly what you asked, but hopefully an easy work around.

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Re: Filter Tasks by State

You can also do this with add-on products.  I believe task list plus will do it.  You could also use Topline Dash to accomplish this.

Mark Hammer
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Re: Filter Tasks by State

Hey Jon, that is exactly what I was looking for this morning.  My boss asked me to send a list of the companies I plan on calling int he next 7 days.  I could get the list under F7, but I couldn't export it.  I thought I looked for a creat a lookup, but I must have just jumped over it.  Many thanks.

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