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Field value keeps changing to 0, why?

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Field value keeps changing to 0, why?

This is the strangest thing. I have a field that I had as a character field and I was entering % in there. I changed the field type to number and now when I enter a number in there like 8.25 and save or go to another contact and come back it has changed to value of 0.


Anyone have any idea of what the heck is going on here?



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Re: Field value keeps changing to 0, why?

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Re: Field value keeps changing to 0, why?

A possible risk of converting a field from one type to another is data corruption. The field may have been damaged when you converted it. I would try creating a new number-type field and copying existing data from the old field to the new one.

- Back up your database

- Create a new number-type field and add it to your layout

- Lookup All Contacts

- From the main menu, go to Edit>Copy Field

- Choose the old field on the left and the new one one the right; click OK

- Verify that the data copied correctly to the new field

- Go into Tools>Define Fields and delete the old field; remove it from your layout

- Rename the new field to the name of the old field (if desired)

Greig Hollister

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