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Field Trigger- "changing a field"

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Field Trigger- "changing a field"

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Is there anyway of making "changing a field" trigger more elegant than what we have available to us?


The user has to "escape" from the field and click into another field for the trigger to work.  Kind of dumb if you ask me.


Shouldn't it trigger the action instantaneously?





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Re: Field Trigger- "changing a field"

That is how "When changing a field" trigger is suppose to work.  It will wait for you to finish making your changes and leave the field.


Please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -

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Re: Field Trigger- "changing a field"

Does Set Field Triggers/When changing a field, launch... Activity Series work with Y/N fields?


I've got a Y/N field (default to "No"). I'd like ACT to automatically launch an existing Activity Series when I check the box (set it to "Yes"), but I don' t see the Activity Series items listed under the Activities tab.


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Re: Field Trigger- "changing a field"

I am not entirely clear on your question.  If I go into the field properties for a yes/no field, triggers page, I can select a trigger type of 'Activity Series'... for the various trigger types.