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Field Definition - Program Trigger

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Field Definition - Program Trigger

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In Act! 6.0 it was possible to set a trigger that would take you to a specific Excel Spreadsheet and then to a specific worksheet within the spreadsheet.


I was wondering if this is possible to do in Act! 11.0 Premium Ex.


I can get the spreadsheet to open formatting the field as url and file:// but not to a specific worksheet within the spreadsheet.


file://C:\a_dft\contactfiles\worksheetname.xls  -  this much works


According a googled article you can attach the following but it doesnot seem to work...


#Family!A1  or




Any thoughts to get to the specific worksheet greatly appreciated.


I am not looking to do this with an addon.






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Re: Field Definition - Program Trigger



Someone can please correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure you can't pass parameters to the triggers like you used to be able to in the ACT! 6 days.  It probably has to be handled within the trigger itself either by calling a common dialog box or using a fixed filename.


Hope this helps.