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Few Quick Questions (ACT! 2010)

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Few Quick Questions (ACT! 2010)

Greetings, Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully answer!


I have been asked by a client of mine to help them get it up and running (they had it initially installed but they have no idea how to actually use it, so I'm going to be assisting them on getting the most out of it for their business). 


Firstly, is it possible in ACT! 2010 to run a series of activities alongside an Opportunity.  I have seen Activity series & Opportunity stages however that's not really what im looking for, is it possible to for me to say, Opportunity begins - > 3 days from the beginning, schedule me a To-Do of "arranging a meeting with the client in question", 2 days after this is complete to then create a To-Do reminding me to follow up with said client.  The business in question has very long processes from first point of contact to finalising/closing the sale/deal, is this possible to have ACT! assign these scheduled activities automatically to run alongside an opportunity? probably 15-25+ "tasks"


Secondly, they have been using the ACT! they had originally installed uneffectively and somehow have two seperate databases which is used for storing the exact same information, so they have some contacts etc in one database and some in the other (both are the same area of the business and they should really be in one database, can I just import one database into another to fix this issue? or is there more complications involved)?

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Re: Few Quick Questions (ACT! 2010)

1. All Activity Series are set to run on an anchor-date.  Everthing happens in relation to that anchor date, and can have as many steps in it as you wish to have.


Smart tasks run off of a condition, and are contact based.  You can run those manually, though, to accomplish the same thing.


2. You can merge two databases together directly within Act!  I strongly suggest making a backup on both databases first.  Any custom fields that are in one, should either be mirrored in the other, or mapped to appropriate fields during the custom import.  Otherwise some data may be missing from your contacts.  I also suggest that you double check your duplicate merge options during the import process.


For information on importing two databases, please look at this KB article:

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