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Feed up with the Corporate World

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Feed up with the Corporate World

I am responding to your email request for followup from a problem we experienced with Act.  I truly pray, someone at Sage, who is in a position to do something, will get in touch with me.  I have been an Act user since ACT 2.1.  I loved Act.  I am a Real Estate Broker, and have a full time Assistant.  I have been in the business for over 30 years, and use Act as my contact management data base which allows me to sort out my clients by the type of real estate they are interested in.  It worked very well for me until Sage took it over.  My first problem was upgrading to the 9. whatever upgrade.  Not only did I upgrade, but I purchased the top of the line Customer Service Warranty (which according to your sales department) would guarantee that I would always be able to speak to an American Tech Support Person, in America.  Well, we know that did not happen.  The last call I ever made to your Tech Assistance was when we re-experienced a problem for the second or third time. (while under warranty)  Because I run a Real Estate office and not a computer trouble shooting business, we came into the office at 8:00 a.m. , knowing that it would take forever to get to someone at Sage who would help us.  We already knew the basic’s of the problem and thought we could have it repaired in short order.  We begged in the beginning to speak with an American, but by Noon, our time, and after telling the guy’s in India what the problem was and asking them to remote in so they could fix it, (yes, we were transferred to more than one guy in India)  we were FINALLY transferred to a guy in America.  We spent the NEXT 3.5 hours with this guy, again, requesting he remote in (I honestly don’t recall the problem at this point), and FINALLY AT 4:00 p.m. OUR TIME …. We were transferred to a guy who “HAD THE CLEARANCE” to remote in and within 30 minutes the problem was fixed.    Sooooo, after I paid the enormous Support fee to your company, not only did I NOT do any real estate business that entire day, I also PAID my Secretary her full salary for working with your technical support people and wasted there time as well.  What is the point of this kind of service!!!????  So, when it came time to renew, I could not figure out why!!!  The way I see it, After spending money buying your program, then paying for the top of the line customer Service warranty, then paying my Secretary many,  many hours, plus that entire day, then paying my own I.T. person to fix all of the problems associated with the upgrade, I am so far in the hole I may never see daylight! The person I use for my technical support is a highly trained I.T. Person who maintains all the computers for our County,  which is one of the larger counties in California .  He has worked closely with me over the years, and when Sage took over the Act program and made all the changes, he helped fix many of the problems.  (by then we just gave up on the Technical Support from Sage). 

Your recent email to me was generated after my entire data base became corrupted.  Not only did our I.T., my Technical Support person work on this problem, but his good friend, who has his own business in Seattle also assisted.  This person's is a software developer and software company owner and currently sells software to government agencies." (I mention this only to assure you I am not dealing with people who are idiots).  Our  I.T. and his friend in Seattle were able to work with your Customer Service person and between the three of them they discovered that the core of the problem with the corrupted data base was in the code of your program. Specifically, the code in your software to repair the data base was written incorrectly.  They spent over 30 hours working to get YOUR software up and running again.  He advised me that I need to find another data base management program soon, as he has no idea how long it will be before it crashes again.  Also, they advised that since I lost my entire calendar, I should no longer use the calendar portion of Act. 

Soooo here I sit, two huge new listings which I need to email (Oh yes, I had to BUY the Swift Page Program as Act could no longer do the email job) to all of my clients.  I have over 3500 names in my data base.  I had listed my ranch clients in groups of no more than 50 for emailing purposes.   When he finally restored YOUR program, the names in the data base were there, the groups were there, but none of the names were in the groups!   Soooo, NOW I SIT HERE EVERYNIGHT AND SORT THRU 3500 NAMES AND PUT THEM BACK IN THEIR APPROPRIATE GROUPS!!!  WHAT FUN………. AND I PAID HOW MUCH FOR SAGES UPGRADE OF A GOOD PROGRAM?????????  Meanwhile, None of my histories or notes restored either.  Unlike you people at Sage, As a Real Estate Broker, I am held accountable and liable for all of my transactions.  So, I am in a real mess now, as I used the notes and history to keep track of all my real estate escrows, phone conversations and listings.   I actually believed in the Act Software and yes, the entire data base was backed up with Mozi, but YOUR restore software is NOT WORKING!!   The past two days I have been noticing some of the same little problems appearing, which were a precursor to this most recent crash.  As an example, my friend Nance, I had her listed in two contacts, one being her home phones addresses, etc., and the other being her business.  Yesterday I went to email her at her home (I email her at both places on a regular basis) and low and behold, the entire contact record for her home was GONE!! ….. JUST GONE!!!!  Later in the day I received a call from my client.  I have just listed his ranch and we have done a great deal of emailing back and forth.  Upon hanging up from his call I went to his contact record to email the requested information and……….. BY GOLLY --- HIS EMAIL ADDRESS WAS GONE!!! JUST GONE!!!!   Good grief, what in the world is happening with your software!!! I am so terrified that I will walk in tomorrow and the data base will once again be GONE!!!!!!!

Clearly I am a Realtor and do not have the technical vocabulary you should have.  I would dearly love it if you would speak with my Technical Support person.   In closing, I am soooo very frustrated with what you have done to Act.  I have a business to run and I spend most days dealing with the new problems in Act.  Way back when I had to upgrade to Sages program,  I  wrote a three page letter describing the problems I was then having and sent it VIA U.S. POSTAL SERVICE  to everyone listed as a President, Vice President, Etc. Etc. a total of nine letters.  NOT ONE PERSON EVEN BOTHERED TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY LETTER, SEND ME AN EMAIL OR GIVE ME A CALL!!!   Customer Service !!!!! (which at that time I had paid for by way of your expensive upgraded Customer Service warranty program!!!)  What a joke. 


I am hopeful someone at Sage will care enough to contact our IT and get the software problems resolved.





Lynda DaCosse






We received a call today from Christopher Smith, an ACT Representative.  He is the FIRST person who has ever taken the time to even respond to any of our emails.  He was extremely kind and very professional and has assured us that he will check into our situation and will also follow up with continued communication on any updates to resolve our issues.  We truly appreciate his time and consideration in the matter and he deserves a pat on the back for showing some concern towards us customers.  We need more people in the ACT Corp. to care about their customers AFTER they sell their products.  Keep the good work up Chris.