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Fee's Paid Throughout Opportunity Process?

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Fee's Paid Throughout Opportunity Process?

Hi guys, the way in which a client of mine operates is as they are progressing through their processes with a customer, at certain intervals they will take X amount of a fee.  What is the best way to manage these fee's in terms of marking them as received as  they are progressing through the opportunity?  It is not unlikely for a client to pay X amount in fee's only for them to not be fully able to get the end product, as there is so many factors involved (the nature of their business I guess).


They would ideally like to use ACT! to be able to see how much Fee's have been paid each week/month etc and report on that, aswell as being able to view how each individual is doing. E.G Staff member X has done X amount this Period.  I guess that would also be reported based on the user managing the opportunity?


Is this at all possible?  Thanks again for any help

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Re: Fee's Paid Throughout Opportunity Process?

I'll start by saying there isn't any built in way to do this. I can think of several ways something like this could be set up using a set of fields in the oppertunity table but even this depends on how they want to use their oppertunities otherwise. Using the math in ACT! 16 it would likely be possible to automate the updating of the payments. However without discussing just what the customer wants, I can't make any specific suggestions.

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