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Faxing ACT 9.0

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Faxing ACT 9.0

I need a little help here. I want to be able to attach my faxes to my contacts. The problem is what fax software do I need. I loaded the XP fax software, my HP printer fax software, the modem fax software and I have setup my Office 2003 to send faxes. I am running ACT 9.0 and none of the above seems to be recognized by ACT. The only adjustment I can find is to go into communications and pick the fax software you want to use and the drop down says there are no programs. What am I missing? Is there something that needs to be configured differently so that ACT will recognize it or does ACT need a special fax software program?


If I do need another fax software program am not looking for anything special just something that will allow me to attach to my contacts. Is there anything on Cnet that I can use? I don't want to spend over $29.95 for any program since I already have three.  


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Faxing ACT 9.0