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Favorite Lookup - Act 2007

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Favorite Lookup - Act 2007

I use the same lookup everyday. Is there a way to make a default or favorite lookup instead of going to Advanced, then Advanced Query, etc, etc, etc.


I would like 1 click to get the Favorite sort I need.


If this is not available in Act 2007, what newer versions is it available in?


Can you please help.


Thanks, Paul

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Re: Favorite Lookup - Act 2007

Consider saving your favorite lookup or advanced query and using that query as criteria for a dynamic group.  Probably not as fast as your were hoping, but easy to navigate between different lookups.


Go to Groups, Create a new group and then click add Contacts.  Here you will create a dynamic group criteria. You can have the same criteria here as you did for your advanced lookup.


All newer version handle this feature in a smiliar manner.

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Re: Favorite Lookup - Act 2007

Go To Lookup > Advanced > Advanced Query. Create the query corresponding to the lookup and save it.

Then right-click the toolbar, click Customize... to open the Customize Menus and Toolbars window.

Under the Custom commands tab, click New, then Browse... and pick the Query file you just created. Then give the command a name, choose an icon and finally click on Add Command.

Now go under the Commands tab of that same window, select Custom Commands in the list of Categories, you should now see in the list on the right the command you just created. Drag and drop it on your toolbar.

Upon clicking the new button, you'll get your lookup.

Gilles Cavin
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Re: Favorite Lookup - Act 2007

I appreciate both of your replies. I have done both of your suggestions. THey both work great.


I should have done this a year ago.


Thanks again,  I really do appreciate it.



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Re: Favorite Lookup - Act 2007

and here is the other half of your solution if ACT2007 has this feature?

 after you save your custom queries

   you can add them to your toolbar using custom commands and this kb article should tell you how to. 



 When I build custom commands in ACT! 2010 or 2011, sometimes I must build 1 at a time cus ACT! crashes in the process(after creating command) by showing me these little white rectangle boxes with red x's in them. Once I see that, I close and restart ACT! and then build my next custom command. Too bad Sage won't fix that problem. But once you have added your custom queries to your custom commands/toolbar, life will be much easier. Cheers - FSB


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Re: Favorite Lookup - Act 2007

Does this work in ACT 2010? It doesn't seem to be working for me. I created the lookups, made the command, put in on the toolbar but the .ORY files dont do anything. I have other commands to open files that work.... Any ideas? Thanks