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Failed Synchronization

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Failed Synchronization

We have a small office of 5 users running ACT 2008 v10.  One of the computers is the “master” with the ACT database located on it.  The other 4 computers have duplicate remote copies of this ACT database that are set up to sync with the “master”


On 1/24/11, the “master” sync log shows the last successful sync of any of the remote databases.  Currently none of the remote database copies can sync with the “master”.


This is the error:


"ACT! is unable to connect to the sync server. Check to be sure "accept incoming sync" is enabled in the main database and that Network sync service is running..."


All of the computers are on a wired network running Windows XP SP3.  All of the computers can successfully transfer files with all other computers on the office network.


We tried all of the “fixes” noted in ACT KB articles; successful ping test, changed the “master” computer name to its IP address, validated all ports, added ports to the Windows firewall, disabled antivirus and Windows firewall, etc.


We created a new remote sync set, installed it on a client computer and attempted to sync from this new database copy and got the same error.


None of these efforts above corrected the sync issue.


If anyone has any recommendations on next steps or a way to correct this sync issue it would be much appreciated.