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FORMS - Add On Tools

Tuned Listener
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FORMS - Add On Tools

I recall an Add-On tool available whereby an XML form was filled out by a visitor to the web site, the data was exported in a delimited file and sent a predefined email address where a new record would be automatically created (and added) to the defined ACT dbms.


We want to code the FORM so that (based on zip code) the exported data would be sent to the appropriate sales rep.


Any pointers would be appreciated.





Nickel Contributor
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Re: FORMS - Add On Tools

I am using Web Prospect available at Northwoods Software.  Folks fill out a form on my website and it emails to a specific account. Web Prosect downloads that email (or emails) from outlook and creates a new contact.


 Within ACT you could set up dynamic groups to assign contacts to different sales reps based on zip codes.




Matt Pulsts
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Re: FORMS - Add On Tools

I use itImport - it has a service option that can run and pick up files in a folder and merge them into ACT!. It has all the controls to set the Record Manager and even auto create an activity for the Rep to call them