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Exporting notes, history in Act 2005

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Exporting notes, history in Act 2005

I need to export all data including notes and history from ACT! 2005 to eventually go into salesforce.


I've been doing a lot of research and most of the paid addons or utilities require a newer version of ACT and are not compatable with ACT 2005.  


I tried the OLEDB connecting with Excel which did allow me to get the data into excel, but without any unique ids in the spreadsheet so I can related notes, history tables with contacts.


Then I was going to try to use ODBC so I can get ACT connected to Microsoft Access, and then from there export to .cvs.  But doesn't appear this ACT 2005 has the ACT Reader utility that I need to make that happen.  If I get it connected to Access, will I see unique ID records?  Is this a solution?


If so, I'm thinking that I have to export or backup my current ACT 2005 database.  Then install ACT 2010, even if it's a trial.  Then restore the ACT 2005 database into ACT 2010.  Then setup the ACT Reader and connect it to Microsoft Access with ODBC.  


Is that the best idea?  Otherwise I can upgrade the ACT to 2010 and use a paid utility like IT exporter.  What do you advise?

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Re: Exporting notes, history in Act 2005