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Exporting Single Record Between ACT! Databases (ACT 2008)

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Exporting Single Record Between ACT! Databases (ACT 2008)

I am using ACT! by Sage 2008 Version Version  I typically work a very large (55,000) name database in the selling business I am in.  When I have a good lead, I make notes and schedule activities and then go about exporting this single record to my main database I call: CENTRAL. 


I am usually able to export 1 or 2 records without a hitch.  Then when I try to export the next record all goes well until I reach the last window and when I hit 'next' the progress bar makes it first pass and then simply stops.  If I move my mouse over that window the hourglass appears but minutes go by and the export never completes.  When I click on Ctrl-Alt-Delete is shows ACT! working normally but still the export doesn't complete.


I end up having to exit out of ACT! and then start it up again which will allow me to then go and export that record.  So, my question is whether ACT! 2008 has an issue with information accumulating in some type of 'buffer' which sort of tilts this operation after maybe one or two successful exports?  Does anyone else transfer individual records from one ACT! database to another with similar outcomes?


Any help on this problem would be appreciated.  I have used ACT! for many years and realize there is a fair amount of criticism about the program but I am very satisfied knowing no program is faultless or perfect and the value I get out of this program is worth the infrequent inconvenieces although this is one inconvenience I would really appreciate solving!


Thanks to anyone!


zak57 in AZ