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Exporting Opportunities to CSV file

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Exporting Opportunities to CSV file

I'm using ACT 2012 and Excel 2013. I realize I cannot export directly from ACT to Excel anymore,which is a big disapointment.

I found out how to export my Contacts to a CSV file, but I can't seem to be able to export my Opportunities to a CSV. I only have the options for exporting Contacts, Groups and Company entries. I don't have the option to choose the correct fields in the lookup window.

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Re: Exporting Opportunities to CSV file

Hi Cathy,


the reason for act2012<->office2013 not working is, that microsoft did change the API interface in the Office2013 software. so to make this work, you should consider to upgrade to act!17, then it will again work without any issues.


exporting opportunitys,  without a working excel, is only possible with an addon


but, i would really recomend to upgrade act! as first option,




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