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Exporting Contacts to Excel

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Exporting Contacts to Excel

I am new to Act! and recently had tried to export contacts from a certain group to an Excel spreadsheet. I ran into considerable difficulty trying to get done what I wanted.
I managed to merge the contacts over, but I could only get it to export the Contact name as "Last Name, First" in one cell instead of Cell A1 being Last Name and cell B1 being the first name of the contact.
The way I did my merge was Groups -> Group List -> Export to Excel.
I tried to do a Mapping to an Excel spreadsheet, but I was only able to do one contact at a time, which wasn't time efficient.
So - does anyone know a simple, easy (fun?) way to merge contacts from a specific Group or Sub-Group into an Excel Spreadsheet so that the Last name ("Surname" field in Act!) & First Name are in 2 different cells?
Thank you kindly.
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Re: Exporting Contacts to Excel

Not sure if I have the same version as you - but, I've always just chosen the First Name and Last Name fields in the export map at the end of the export wizard. It should work fine. And, I have never had an issue w/losing contacts when I export...the contacts stay in my dbase and a copy of all the data in the fields in my map are exported. I hope that helps. - D