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Export to excel

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Export to excel

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Does Excel have to be installed in order to export to it? I am following the help instructions and the only two options I see at export are Act and text separated. No Excel option not even greyed out.


I just want to export to a xls file and use it elsewhere 


Update:  I installed Office 2000 and SP 3 and I still do not have an excel option in the dropdown menu   FILE/EXPORT.......


What else do I need to do?


Thanks in advance. 


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Re: Export to excel

It is possible to export data to Excel from the list views within ACT! This knowledge base article details the steps required.


If you are unable to export due to an incompatible version of Office you can export your data in text delimited (.csv) format and open within Excel.

If you wish you can then use File > Save As to change the file type to xls. This article details the steps.

Simon Hales
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