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Export to Excel

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Export to Excel

I have one user in our environment who's Export to Excel button is grayed out after installing the trial version of PowerPoint 2007. The export function worked previously on his pc running xp pro sp2 with Office xp 2002 and Act 2007 installed. The only change noted between the time the export function worked and was grayed out was the install of PP2007. Is this a known issue? Excel still launches successfully and shows v 2002, but Im wondering if the trial install of PP2007 overwrote a registry key somewhere that Act is looking at to confirm the Excel version? He is unwilling, as users are, to uninstall PP at this time due to other business needs so Im trying to confirm a conflict first.... Thanks
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Re: Export to Excel

It's possible that the PP2007 has updated something in Office 2002 and ACT! 2007 doesn't support Office 2007 (you'd need ACT! 2008 for that).
You might try a Detect and Repair in one of the Office 2002 applications (eg Excel) and see if it restores.
You might also try this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
Also, make sure ACT! is 9.0.1 + Hotfix 3 (in Help | about)