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Export to Excel: Contact & Opportunity Simultaneously

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Export to Excel: Contact & Opportunity Simultaneously

I am looking for an AddOn or a creative way to export Contact and Opportunity info at the same time to an excel spreadsheet.  Is this possible?  I have ACT 2011 which allows me to export in 2 different spreadsheets.  But then I have to combine and cut, paste, etc.


Here is an example of the report I need to generate in Excel:


Company, State, Country, Product, Opportunity Fields 1-4, Probability of Close, and User 3


Currently I export Company, State Country and User 3 (from the Contact List).

Then I export Product, Opp Fields, and Prob (from the Opportunity List).

Then I cut, paste, drag, insert, and modify til my report is right... a pain in the neck.


I used a trial of Advanced Excel Templates and that is not the solution. 


Is there a way to achieve this?  It seems like this would be a pretty common forecasting request.



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Re: Export to Excel: Contact & Opportunity Simultaneously

You would be better off doing what you want with the ACT! reports or a third party report editor. Your main problem is that ACT! is multi-table and Excel is single table flat file. You need to use a report editor that works with a multi-table system.

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