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Export to CSV button?

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Export to CSV button?

Well, we are trying to escape unnecessary costs by cutting MS products from our organization.  I was wondering if there is a plugin that will do an "export to CSV" instead of Excel.  Part of the reason being that I need to get data out of ACT to CSV on a fairly regular basis and we don't have time to meander through a wizard every time.

It seems sort of absurd that "export to Excel" is gray unless you have Excel installed even though OOcalc understands the format perfectly well... Same goes for "Write..."

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Re: Export to CSV button?

Any plugin that I"M aware would be close the price of just installing MSexcel. 

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Re: Export to CSV button?

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Hello peggyhoagIT,

The Export to Excel button is part of the direct integration of ACT! with Excel. If the program is not present, then this integration will not work. The same holds true for MS Word and MS Outlook. If you do not have Excel installed, then the only other option (without having to spend additional money) would be to use File/Import.


An "Export to .CSV" or "Export to .TXT" button on the list would sound like a great idea. I would suggest you post this on the Share Your Ideas board in this forum so our product managers can review it.

Greig Hollister

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