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Export Query to Exel

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Export Query to Exel

I am working on a sales program for a very large US company. 


Currently I work with four divissions.  Database is an excel spreadsheet with basic customer info and notes feild.

I sort out 100 customers to call on. move to sales planning spreadsheet, upload to mappoint to route cold calls, move back to excell, mail merge data with Word to make individual call sheets, one paper sheet per call with all info and past notes on it, group in sales routes of 15 or 20 in sort order.  Salesperson makes calls, written notes, I update spreadsheet, monthly merge back to master spreadsheet.


I am looking to change this GRADUALLY.  Step one is to use Act as the "Master Database" that holds information.  From there I want to export to excel, route, make calls, update spreadsheet then move back to Act ( or other CRM).


How do I write or have written a query that I can use to select customers by various criteria then export all ( including notes fields) to excel ?


Any help or input appreciated.



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Re: Export Query to Exel

Jonathan, I think there is a much more simple, easier-to-use solution for you.   It seems you are doing a large number of extra steps that are not really necessary.  An ACT! Certified Consultant could help you and make the entire process a lot less painful!  You can find a list of them here.

Brenda Dixon
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Dixon Consulting Solutions
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