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Export/Import Question

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Export/Import Question

Ok, I am relatively new to ACT! and have a question.
I was given a pre-existing database.  I have also created one of my own.  What I would like to do, is take a certain 'Group' from the database that was given to me, and import that into the database that I created.  Is this possible?  I know that I can first export it into Excel and then import it into my database....but then I would lose all the notes and history and etc.  I was wondering if there was a way to do it where I would be able to save all the notes, history, etc.
Also, a side I never read anything before I started using ACT!, I accidentally never filled in My Record contact.  I accidentally filled it in with somebody from Saudia Arabia.  So after loading about a 1000 contacts in, I start to play with the automatic number formatting and now everybody is in Saudia Arabia format.  I changed the My Record contact and put my info in there and fixed it so now when I make new contacts - it comes up in the format that I want it to...but is there any way to change all of the other records or would I have to do it one by one.
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Re: Export/Import Question

For your first question, try this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
For your second question, I'd look at creating a new clean database and importing all the data into it.