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Execute a SQL statement against my ACT! database

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Execute a SQL statement against my ACT! database

Is it possible to execute a SQL statement against my Act! database without exporting all my data to another format, like SQL Server? Does Act! include an interface that allows this? Or, do I need to look at using ODBC with a SQL utility?






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Re: Execute a SQL statement against my ACT! database



Are you only wanting to read the data?  If so, we provide an ACT! Reader utility that will only give you read permissions to the database to pull information into reports, etc..


ACT! Reader Utility
The ACT! Reader Utility is designed to meet the power-reporting and data-extraction needs of some ACT! corporate customers. The ACT Reader account provides read-only access to most data tables within ACT!. Once connection is made to the ACT! database, third-party tools such as Crystal Reports® can be used to query these tables for advanced reporting and data extraction.


The ACT! Reader Utility allows the user to establish and set a user-defined password to log in to the ACT! Reader account. The ACT! Reader Utility also provides the ability to define, change, and reset the password.