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Excel reports on ACT lookups.

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Re: Excel reports on ACT lookups.


It will probably be in the way you have filtered your data. Quick question, did you set a Custom Date range on the History tab of the Define Filters window when you open the report? Obviously also uncheck Email and Attachments. Details also includes the Regarding entry you wrote when you created the Activity, that is, it prints Regarding and Details as shown on the Contact History tab.

The columns on my Act report I created are:

Company; Contact; Contact History Result (CH:Result); CHSmiley Very Happyate; CHSmiley Very Happyetails, all set out in 1 row across the page, without headings - I add those to the Xlsx later.

The idea was to present a simple list of calls over a given period (typically a week or past month) in a list on a plain spreadsheet for a sales meeting. My colleagues were not using Act so were manually creating their own call summary xlsx reports. I enter my calls in Act as I go and I'm not into manual, that's why God gave us computers!

Cheers, Graham

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Re: Excel reports on ACT lookups.

Thanks Graham for replying.  I am not sure what happened but when I went back in this morning all is well!!  On a side note I created an OLE report using the same fields and the font etc pulled through on this report within the details field but I haven't a clue how to change this so that it only shows the information I want.  I have used a formula 'MID' to trim it but it isn't the best - have you came across this before?  I would quite like to use the OLE report as it just be a matter of refreshing the data and it means my boss could look at it whenever she wants.  No worries if you haven't.