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Error when importing from Outlook to ACT 2012

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Error when importing from Outlook to ACT 2012

Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to import a significant number of contacts with appointments, notes and journal entries.


But when I preview the contacts that will be imported, every 10 or so contacts I will get the following error "Catastrophic failure (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED))" I have attempted this from a few different versions of Outlook with no success, if I continue it only imports about 12 contacts.


I am looking at exporting to csv to work around this, but this is not an ideal solution. If anyone could suggest what might be causing this issue, I would be very grateful.

Alex Cook
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Re: Error when importing from Outlook to ACT 2012

I started with a new Act 2012 Database and tried to import 1346 records from Outlook 2007.  Only 50 files were imported.  I received the following messag:  "Catatropic Failure (Exception from HResult: 0x8000FFF (E_Unexpected)).  I had to first delete the Act Phone Book from the from the Address Book Tab in Account Setting in outlook.  I went to "Email & Outlook Sync" in PREFERENCES of Act 2012 and set things up.  Act 2012 started an extensive integration routine and showed a progress bar while contacts were being synchronized.  All of my data files were pulled into Act.  I'm assessing the integrity of the the files that were imported since their appears to be 38 additional records in the Act 2012 database which totals 1384 records.