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Error updating Act 2006 database to Act 2009

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Error updating Act 2006 database to Act 2009

Trying to migrate an Act holdout user's database to a new system running Act 2009 ( from a system that is running Act 2006 (

When trying to open the database on the new machine/software, it initiates the update process but fails with the error "Exceptions occurred while executing Db Schema Update Script." This also points you to log error files and that file contains "Sqlcmd: Error: Connection failure. SQL Native Client is not installed correctly. To correct this, run SQL Server Setup."

Other databases have been successfully migrated on this machine (though I was not involved with them, so I don't know what "tricks" might have been done to get it to work).


On the original machine I've tried using the Detect and Repair on the databases (he's got 5) and then copying those to the new machine, but that didn't help.


I've been looking around on the site here, but so far have come up empty of new things to try.

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Re: Error updating Act 2006 database to Act 2009

To determine if it is database specific, try converting a different database. You can create a new test database in ACT! 2006 or use the 2006 Demo database. If it also fails, most likely there is an issue with SQL Server.
Greg Martin