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Error message while converting Act 6.0 DB to 2008

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Error message while converting Act 6.0 DB to 2008

The following is the conversion log:

Updating database...
Unable to convert the field 'USER10' - field type mismatch.
The picklist is missing for the field 'Home Zip'. It will be populated with default data.
Added First Name Prefix: Don
Added First Name Prefix: Dona
Added Last Name Prefix: van den
Added Last Name Prefix: van der
Added Last Name Prefix: von der
Converting Contacts...
1880 of 1880 converted.
Converting Users...
1 of 1 converted.
Converting Groups...
5 of 5 converted.
Converting Activities...
4951 of 4951 converted.
Converting Notes and Histories...
8078 of 8078 converted.
Converting Opportunity drop-down list values...
0 of 0 converted.
Converting Opportunities...
0 of 0 converted.
Error: Invalid recur spec. DayType is 'typed' but no typed day exists in the recur spec.

The error at the end kills the whole conversion. However, I am also a little confused about the messages at the beginning. I didn't think I had any special fields (used default conversion). I can't use Act!6.0 anymore as it got corrupted and can't find the CD.
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Re: Error message while converting Act 6.0 DB to 2008

You probably need to clean the database in ACT! 6.0 first.
You can download a 30-day trial of ACT! 6.0 from this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
Then follow the steps in this Knowledge Base article to repair -
I also usually recommend running Red Flag from Cornerstone -