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Error: The ACT! Address Book service is not properly configured...

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Error: The ACT! Address Book service is not properly configured...



I'm new to the ACT! Community so bare with me while I try to explain the issue.


ACT! v12.0.4 0 HF3

Outlook 2007 SP2

XP Pro SP3

Database on 2003 server, shared.  Upgraded from ACT! v9.x

7 Users total, shared, no syncing.


3 users received new laptops, so fresh installs of Office and ACT!.   (no upgrade or previous versions)



These 3 have received the "  Error: The ACT! Address Book service is not properly configured, or one of the configured databases is locked. Do you want to configure it now?"


I would configure it and Outlook can be closed and opened several times and no message. One or 2 days later the message comes back.


I've gone through KB Answer 13531 and even checked out 17431,

I uninstalled ACT entirely, cleaned out all remaining files and most registry keys to ensure, rebooted, reinstalled, reconfigure Address book and again would fix for a day or two and the message would come back.


I've deleted the reg keys specified in KB HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACT\OutlookAddressBooks.

I've recreated the PAD file.

Ran countless  Check and Repairs, both through ACT! and through ACTDiag.

DB Status is Online and is not locked

I even configured one machine for the ACT Demo database and that lost its setting a day later too.


What else can I try or do I have to hire one of those ACC type of people to help me out?


Thank you,




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Re: Error: The ACT! Address Book service is not properly configured...

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Hello Raul,

From what you have told me the issue seems to be related to Outlook or their Outlook profile. The error you are getting means that Outlook is unable to connect to ACT! to acquire the address book information, either because something is interfering with connection, the login information is invalid, or the address book is missing or damaged. Since other user on the same database are not having this issue, it is most likely not a problem with the database itself. Go through the process or removing the address book information from Outlook and the registry, run Office Diagnostics from the Help menu in Outlook, and then re-add the ACT! address book. If this does not resolve, you may want to try creating a new Outlook profile for the user.


Another thing to check would be to see if these users are running different security settings that affect Outlook than the other users. Also see if there are any add-ins in Outlook on their machines that are not present on the others (Help/Privacy Settings/ Go next to Manage field).

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Greig Hollister

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