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Emails to contacts in Bcc not being recorded in history - ACT! 2010

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Emails to contacts in Bcc not being recorded in history - ACT! 2010

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I am using ACT 2010 and have set up the email to be OUTLOOK, and it automatically saves the message, subject and attachments to my ACT contacts for all outgoing mail (except what goes to me). 

So far it's OK but I am having a problem with mass emails.


When I do a mass email it could have 20-140 contacts listed--and I put them all in the BCC for privacy reasons. 


I have begun to notice that the history isn't always saved when I do this.


Is this a function of having "too many" contacts listed in the BCC section?


I know that the email is going out to at least some people (if not all) because I do get replies from people ...but since it isn't recorded in my ACT contact (History area) I'm not able to tell/remember who actually got it and who didn't.




Here's how I do it.....please tell me where to change my process....


I go to GROUPS.

Right-Click on a group and select Create Lookup


Now I'm in the GROUP/LOOKUP screen  I can keep everyone on the list or do some tagging/omit selected's to pare down the list.


Now I highlight everyone by clicking on Tag All


Everything is blue-highlighted.


If I right-click in the blue area, I get a list of options.

Click on WRITE > Email (the choices here are: (Email /Letter/ Memo /Fax Cover Page/ Mail Merge)


This throws all the email addresses for the "selected/highlighted contacts into the TO field of a brand-new Outlook Email.


I can manually cut/paste all those emails from the TO field into the BCC problem. would be easier if I could just WRITE/EMAIL/BCC from the first place and it would also be great if when I SEND said message, it gets recorded the contact's history.


Single emails always get recorded.  Not sure why the multiple/BCC's do not.



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Re: Emails to contacts in Bcc not being recorded in history - ACT! 2010

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1. It can take a while to write the history as it's done in the background

2. You are MUCH better off to send mass emails via ACT! eMarketing or SwiftPage. See:


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